Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Member Expectations


Centennial College Student Association Inc. facilities exist for the safe, respectful and enjoyable use by our students, members and authorized guests. Failure to support this positive environment may result in loss of member’s privileges including but not limited to suspension.

      1. Access to the gym, change rooms, squash courts and fitness centre will only be granted with proof of paid membership, student ID and/or day pass. All members must swipe their student ID /access card each time they enter the facility. A photo of all members will be kept on file.
      2. Members must wear appropriate athletic clothing and athletic shoes with non-marking soles. Street clothes, ripped, torn or cut-off clothing is not permitted. All clothing must be of a length that does not leave midriffs or glutes exposed, and may not feature inappropriate text or graphics. Sports bras may not be worn as a top and must be covered by/with an appropriate athletic top. Religious clothing is permitted in the AWC gymnasium and fitness centre.
      3. Only water and protein drinks are permitted within the facility. Only use unbreakable containers. No food or drink is permitted on gym floor or in fitness centre. No gum allowed.
      4. We are a facility for those pursuing a healthy active lifestyle through physical fitness. Unless authorized, individuals not engaged in an athletic activity, will be asked to leave.
      5. Photography and videotaping in the facility is not permitted without permission.
      6. The use of laptops, cell phone cameras and recording devices is prohibited.
      7. In case of injury or accident, a Guest Services Representative and Campus Security must be contacted. In the case of a fire alarm, the premises will be evacuated immediately.
      8. Members must use all equipment and all areas of the facility in an appropriate manner. Absolutely no sparring, wrestling or other similar interaction is permitted within the facility except under the supervision of AWC hired trainers, staff and facilitators.
      9. Personal music devices may only be used with headphones.
      10. Members may only access lockers while using the facility. Any member found abusing AWC locker access will forfeit their privileges.
      11. Personal belongings are not permitted in the gymnasium, fitness centre or squash courts. All personal belongings must be placed in lockers, with lock provided by user. Lockers will be emptied at the end of the day, and locks will be cut. Unclaimed items will be handed over to College Security immediately.
      12. For the convenience of all members, please limit your time spent in the change rooms. Individuals deemed to be loitering will be asked to leave the facility.
      13. Any member found to have let in a person by way of opening a secure door or passing back/lending identification will forfeit their privileges.
      14. No person shall have consumed and/or have possession of any controlled substance while accessing the AWC. Any such items found on the premises will be removed by security. Smoking is prohibited.
      15. All equipment must be wiped down after use with the towels and spray bottles provided.
      16. Please report any broken, non-operational and/or damaged equipment to a Guest Services Representative immediately.
      17. All weights, including weights stacks must be put down gently to avoid damage and excessive noise. Do not drop the free weights. Return all weights and equipment to their respective areas after use.
      18. All users are required to vacate the area in use within 15 minutes of scheduled/posted closing time. There is no admission into the facility after the posted closing time. Patrons must exit the facility as soon as possible after facility closure.
      19. Only CCSAI sanctioned Wellness Coaches are permitted to provide personal training instruction within the Athletic and Wellness Centre.
      20. No outside or unauthorized equipment is permitted in the fitness centre.
      21. We reserve the right to change the rules, policies and procedures of the Athletics and Wellness Centre or additions may be made to maintain the safety and to benefit all users.


September 22, 2015

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