Change Rooms

A modern gym facility wouldn’t be complete without clean, spacious and comfortable change rooms. The AWC offers both men’s and women’s change rooms located on the first floor of the building. Want to have a quick workout between classes? No problem! Just bring your change of clothes to the change rooms and your own lock to store your items in one of the facility’s many lockers. Lockers are available for day use only. The AWC strives to provide a convenient and pleasing experience for its members and the impressive new change rooms are just the beginning!


It’s time to get that heart pumping and the pulse racing as the AWC introduces its brand new cardio equipment for the Fitness Centre. The AWC boasts 44 cardio machines including treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and recumbent bikes. With options like these, it’s not a bad idea to try them all out! For extra icing on the cake, all the cardio machines include software which allows you to listen to your iPod, track your workout on a USB and receive tips from the built-in “virtual trainer”. This state-of-the-art equipment allows you to work out in an enjoyable environment with all the tools necessary to help you get fit and stay in shape. If you think cardio is not your thing, give these machines a try and let the AWC change your mind!

Four Scenes

Tired of looking at the same bland gym walls when you workout? Not to worry, the AWC has already thought of it and is pleased to offer a nice variety of scenic views for you to look at while you break a sweat. Members working out in the AWC upper level Fitness Centre have the luxury of gazing upon four different scenes from the building’s glass walls – the north parking lot of the school, the soccer field, the college, and the gymnasium. Besides providing a nice variety to your workout, the glass walls also allow an abundance of natural light into the facility which means less dependence on harsh, artificial light. It is time to expand your gaze and your horizons at the AWC’s Fitness Centre.

Fitness Consultations

If you’re looking for a little extra help to achieve your fitness goals, let one of our knowledgeable trainers give you that extra push you need to do your very best.

Fitness Consultations are available by appointment only. Please call 416-289-5000 ext 3511 to book your morning, midday, evening or weekend appointment.

Get a tour of the AWC, an introduction to the different equipment and a personalized overview of what type of workouts will help you achieve your fitness goals.

After your fitness consultation, you may want to sign up for some personal training with one of our personal trainers.

Personal Training Rates

Our Personal Trainers can help you reach your personal wellness and fitness goals.

Here are our rates:

  • Full-time and Part-time Day students pay $30/session.
  • CE Students, College Faculty and Staff, and other Centennial Community Members pay $55/hour.
  • Neighbourhood Members pay $80/hour.

Don’t wait – get started today! Book a free consultation by calling our Guest Services at 416-289-5000 ext 3511.

Multi-Purpose Rooms

Whether you need a few minutes before a game for an inspiring team prep talk or need a space for a quick lunchtime meeting, the AWC’s popular multi-purpose rooms on the lower level of the facility are the perfect spot for you. The rooms are a great place for members to gather in an undisturbed setting. Even if you’re alone and need a place for some peace and quiet, the multi-purpose rooms can be that haven you’re searching for while spending time at the AWC.

Rock Climbing Wall

Our rock climbing wall was created from a mould of a popular rock face used by climbing enthusiasts. Members who tackle the AWC rock climbing wall are getting as close to the real thing without having to ascend an actual mountain. There are several paths to take, from fairly smooth with lots of holds, to more difficult with a bulge of rock that juts out and fewer holds to make the route go smoothly. You’ll also notice that we have both Auto-Belay ropes (where a pully-and-brake system slows your fall to the ground so that you land safely and softly) and regular climbing ropes (which require a second person to belay, keeping the rope taut as you climb and slowly releasing you to the ground as you descend). This allows for a wider range of experiences and climbers with different experience levels to all climb at the same time. Come on down and check out this amazing feature.

Running Track

If cardio machines aren’t your thing or you’re just looking for a good warm-up before you start working out, the AWC’s brand new rubberized running track is just what you need. To make your running experience more enjoyable, the running track offers spectacular views of all four scenes surrounding the building through glass walls (soccer field, parking lot, gymnasium, and the college). There is no shortage of things to look at while you embark on your journey around the AWC’s impressive new running track. Additionally, if you like to keep track of your distance, the new running track can help you with that. The inside lane is 156.4 metres; that’s 6.4 laps per kilometre. If you’re running in the outside lane, 6.1 laps gets you a kilometre, as the lane is 164.0 metres around. Now tie up those laces and on your mark, get set, GO!!

Squash Courts

It’s time to grab your friends and some racquets and head on over to the AWC’s new squash courts. The AWC is pleased to offer two new regulation-sized squash courts for its members. The four-walled courts are the perfect place to learn a new sport or hone your skills. Members can play in pairs or doubles in a single court. If you’re interested in trying something different or advancing your game, bring some friends and try out the AWC’s brand new squash courts.

Booking a Squash Court:

You may book a squash court over the phone by calling 416-289-5000 ext. 3511, in person at the AWC Guest Services Desk, or online by clicking here. Squash bookings will be every hour on the hour from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends. Squash courts can be booked up to one week in advance and you are allowed one hour-long session per booking.

Drop-ins are welcome, but bookings will take priority.  All bookings will not exceed 60 minutes in length. A 15 minute grace period will be allowed for late arrivals to a booking. The booked time will not exceed 60 minutes from the originally booked start time. No extra time will be given to late comers. All equipment is provided, although users may bring their own if they wish

Squash orientations will soon be available for new players.  Please see the Guest Services Desk for details.

Strength Training

There has never been a better time to start bulking up, slimming down or toning up at Centennial College. The introduction of the new Fitness Centre at the AWC provides a wide variety of options for members to get in shape this season. Whether you’re interested in free weights or machines for your strength-training program, the AWC’s Fitness Centre has got you covered. With protective rubberized floors and a green mirror which allows you to monitor your form while working out, the facility makes training easy, comfortable and enjoyable. Come and check out Centennial College’s Fitness Centre and get ready to feel the burn.

Hours of operation are:
Monday-Friday       7 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Saturday-Sunday   10 a.m. – 5 p.m.


If you enjoy taking classes and exercising in a group setting, the AWC has just the thing for you.  The two new bright and comfortable studios are available for members to use for everything from fitness classes offered by the Athletics and Recreation department to stretching and cool-downs after a gruelling workout. Beautiful blue glass studio walls allow members to gaze upon the lovely scenery outside while exercising or relaxing. The studios accomodating wooden floors offer some give while members jump, dance and workout in a serene environment. Sign up for a class today and see what all the hype is about!

Three Gyms

The AWC is proud to announce the introduction of not one, not two, but three new gyms for members to play a variety of sports in. The AWC’s large gym can be divided into three individual smaller gyms for members to play different sports simultaneously. When the large gym is opened up, it’s perfect for large sporting events like varsity basketball games or large gatherings like orientation week. Don’t wait to try out the new gyms and explore all the possibilities each one has to offer. Whether you’re playing basketball, soccer or volleyball you will find the space to play to your heart’s content at the AWC.

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