Look How We’ve Changed!

Look How We’ve Changed!
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The Athletic & Wellness Centre has just completed phase 1 of an ongoing re-organization with some upgrades. The changes were made with the following objectives in mind:
– Remove/replace less frequently used equipment from the floor and replace with more relevant equipment/useable space
– Create a clearly marked safe zone for personal training and group fitness courses
– Reduce the noise level over the Athletics & Recreation offices
– Support a more results-driven, functional training environment

We are achieving this by:
– Re-organizing equipment to create more efficient training areas
– Removing and relocating several treadmills from above the A&R office area
– Creating a results-driven core training zone with informational/instructional posters
– Leaving certain areas open for future upgrades such as the addition of inclusive fitness equipment

Your feedback is important to us so please forward any questions or concerns to me.
We hope you enjoy the changes!
Donna Neil
Manager, Athletics & Wellness Centre Services & Rentals

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