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Scheduled Summer Closures
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Please note during the summer there will be special occasions and projects underway which will result in some changes and disruptions to regular service. Below are the locations that will be affected and on which days:

Closure for Convocation

  • No Open Play in the AWC or ping pong outside due to Convocation set-up and ceremonies – June 7th – June 18th

We are excited to be part of a major film production which will be taking place at the AWC and Progress Student Centre from June 20th to July 11th. With this incredible project, there will be learning opportunities for our students and there will be a chance for students to be involved in the production – including opportunities to be on-screen extras. Continue to check our social media as we’ll release details when they are available.

Closures for Film Production

  • Student Centre* – June 20th – July 11th
  • AWC gym floor – June 20th – July 9th (the upstairs fitness centre, fitness services & SASS remain open except on June 26th and July 7th)
  • Full AWC closure – June 26th and July 7th
  • Parking lot 6 – June 20th – July 11th

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Guest Services at 416-289-5000 ext. 3511 or the CCSAI Progress office at 416-289-5000 ext. 2245.

*During this time the CCSAI Progress office will be operating in L108. Come on by and see us, starting June 20th.

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Finding time to fit in fitness
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By Joshua Delgado

Finding it hard to fit in fitness? You are not alone. The number one excuse for not hitting the gym is, “I don’t have time.” We hear it quite often in the Athletic and Wellness Centre at Progress campus. And we understand.

In addition to being busy with school work, some of you have part time or full time jobs, dependents, and many other extra curricular activities and responsibilities.

There are never enough hours in a day. I agree.

It can be very difficult to find 1-2 hours for yourself to hit the gym and follow anything that resembles a structured regime. It can be very difficult, but not impossible.

Marsha Brown, a full time student at Progress campus told me about her personal fitness journey.
“It has to be a commitment to yourself. I am a mother of two and work part time. Time management is key,” she said.
Marsha has been a member of the AWC since October of 2011.
“I used to feel lousy, I ate lousy, was disappointed with my image and I decided something has to change.”

Since becoming a member, Marsha has seen an increase in her energy levels, she feels more focus towards her studies and has gotten rid of that lousy feeling she used to get that dragged her down. She has also lost over 30 pounds.

Marsha is one of many AWC members who has hired a personal trainer to help her achieve her goals.
“My friends were too demotivating,” she said.
She felt they were not quite at the commitment level she was to making a change.
“I was working out on my own but seeing little result.”

Marsha is a regular customer and well-known by all staff members of the AWC. She is someone who helps to motivate others every day with her commitment to her fitness.

If the desire for a positive change is there, we can make it happen in the AWC. Our team is prepared to council you on anything from nutrition, to lifestyle changes and exercise programming. Making it work for the students is always the main priority.

There are many options for participation available to students and people from all walks of life.
Membership to the AWC comes at no additional cost to any full time student from all campuses, so we openly invite all students to come out and take advantage of the AWC and its services.

Need fitness advice? Ask expert Joshua Delgado at

[Reposted from an article in the Courier,

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