Spinach: The Greener the Greater!

Spinach: The Greener the Greater!
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By: Justin Mistry

Summer is here and it is the season for freshness! Your local grocery store is stocking their produce section with fresh fruits and vegetables, so let’s take advantage of them! Grab some locally grown produce, grab some internationally grown produce, grab orange vegetables, add red fruits, heck, add one of every colour and throw it in your shopping cart! Your body will thank you later!

One of my favourite colours is green. The darker the green the greater the nutrition, the darker the green the more bitter the vegetable becomes. No need to fuss over dark greens, let’s meet in the middle and talk about spinach. It has many advantages that might entice you to give it a try:

  • Spinach is packed full of antioxidants;
  • Spinach is rich in insoluble fibre; insoluble fibre adds bulk to your digestive system which aids in preventing constipation and helps you feel more satisfied;
  • 100g of spinach has half the calories of 100g of 2% milk while also having the same amount of calcium, 47 time more Vitamin A, 49 times more Vitamin B9, 47 times more Vitamin C, and 604 times more Vitamin K;
  • The high iron content of spinach is a necessary addition for those who donate blood.

Now that we know all this information about spinach, let’s talk about an easy way to add spinach to your life without cooking all of the nutrients out of it. Are you ever crunched for time in the morning, or short on ideas for an afternoon snack? Do you have 5 minutes and a blender to spare? This smoothie recipe will be great for you! You can add it to your breakfast as part of a well-rounded breakfast, or add a serving of a high protein add-in to help recover from your training.


Green Energy Smoothie:

Recipe for 1 Serving:

●      1 banana

●      1 big handful of spinach

●      1 cup unsweetened almond milk

●      1 big handful of ice cubes

●      1 tbsp natural peanut or almond butter

High-protein add-ins:

●      1 scoop of your favourite protein supplement

●      2 tbsp of chia seeds

●      ½ cup of Greek yogurt


Nutrition Info:

235 calories/serving

11g of Fat

31g of Carbohydrates

7g of Protein

6g of Fibre

863mg of Potassium

Nutrition Info (with protein supplement):

375 calories/serving

12.5g of Fat

36.6g of Carbohydrates

32g of Protein

7g of Fibre

1063mg of Potassium


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