Tips for dropping pounds

Tips for dropping pounds
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Summer months are here! There are no doubt many events, celebrations, and reasons to deviate from a structured weight loss plan. Here are some quick tips to stay on track and keep your lean body journey on track!

   1    Plan your meals

Adding structure to your work, home and family life keeps these areas on track. Doing the same for your meals will aid long term success. Plan for social events beforehand to keep you from over indulging or getting caught without food to eat.

    2    Keep a food journal.

Journals help add accountability and encourage self discipline. They are also great review tools when things are not going your way.

    3    Everything in moderation

“Cheat meals” are healthy, necessary even. Clean eating can be stressful long term especially for someone new to it. Mental stress can raise negative hormones and this can cause weight gain or prevent weight loss. Releasing helpful hormones from eating foods you really enjoy once in a while can be extremely helpful in long term weight loss.

   4     Make clear goals and review them often.

Having reminders like notes on the fridge or at your desk at work can help keep you on track. Draw out the long term plan with short term goals that are attainable. Keep the plan somewhere you can look at often.

    5    Don’t under eat.

Starving yourself for any reason can have negative long term effects, including losing the ability to know when your body is full, overeating, eating too fast and causing hormonal imbalances.     

   7     Start with small goals.

Make it a point to walk a little further to get your morning coffee. Order one sugar instead of two. If consistent, all your small efforts will add up and assist the larger goal.

   8     Be patient.

Weight loss is a process. Long term fat loss does not happen quickly. Quick fixes can be found everywhere but they have a price. Long term, healthy weight loss takes time. Everything that you learn during this process is necessary and will help many areas of your life.

   9     Train smart.

When you do hit the gym, find out how to make the most of your time so that you are burning the most fat possible during and after training. Yes, certain types of cardio will burn fat more effectively. Yes, certain exercises and how you do them will help the fat loss process more efficiently.

Need a hand with figuring this all out? Don’t be afraid to contact our fitness services team to give you some guidance through a free consultation, personal training or other services.

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